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Although you have access to the many different facilities and amenities that the city of Makati offers when you live in the Sentrale condominium, the building, itself, offers a lot of things to its small community. In fact, you can find almost anything that you might need without leaving the condominium complex.

First, if you own a vehicle, you can make use of the Sentrale’s underground parking facility. The Sentrale condominium provides its tenants with their own parking slots, should they want to avail of it, so they do not have to park their cars along the street. Even though the parking lots are all underneath the condominium, there is no need for you to worry about your vehicle getting submerged in floodwater during the monsoon season. It is mainly because the Sentrale has its own water cistern, thereby preventing the basement from filling up with rainwater.

If you are a fitness buff, you will be more than happy to find that Sentrale has its own gym facilities, which will be a concessionaire, so you can work on your fitness without having to set foot outside. There is also a combination wading and lap pool in the building that you can use to either cool off during the hot summers, or when you want to do a couple of quick laps to work on your cardio.

One of the caveats of living in the middle of a bustling city is that it can be hard to find a quiet place where you can just sit, relax, and just unwind. Fortunately, there are facilities within Sentrale that will provide you with all that you need. First, you can find a landscape garden with a couple of benches, allowing you to escape the concrete jungle that is Makati city.

Next, there is a recreation lounge where you can drink coffee or chat with your friends. You can even bring your laptop there so you can work in a different environment. In addition, the recreation lounge also provides free Wi-Fi access to tenants. If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, you can just drop by the spa concessionaire. Here, you can spend the entire day getting a massage, a facial treatment, or just get a manicure or pedicure - things that will relieve all that stress you accumulated during the workweek.

Unlike other condominium complexes, the Sentrale actually has two floors dedicated for commercial purposes. Basically, there is already a mini-mall right inside the building so there is no need for you to travel outside if you want to do a bit of shopping. There are many different stalls where you buy most of the things that you might need or want. You can also access a couple of fast food restaurants during those times when you do not have the time or energy to cook your own food.

In addition, in case you need to buy a couple of basic things in the middle of the night, you just need to go down to the ground floor where you will find a 24-hour convenience store.

  • Lap pool and Wading pool
  • Recreation lounge with Wi-Fi access
  • Function Room
  • Landscaped garden with jogging trail
  • Rain water collection
  • Pocket gardens on selected units
  • Well lighted & ventilated corridors
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